"My life is about to change for good, just look at all the stuff I am going to get done!"

That feeling is incredible and helps you take the first most important step in making a change, WANTING IT BAD. That motivation, mood and movement brought you to Brili, step one complete!

Our excited new user downloads our app and makes some of their own routines and uses some of our more advanced routine templates.

"This week is going to be great, according to these routines I have set, I am going to get so much done" they'll say.

Before we go on with this story, let's talk about a term you might already be familiar with, time blindness (link to description). To most likely reiterate for you, in the ADHD brain there is the NOW and the NOT NOW. When a user finds Brili, downloads the app and starts creating their routines they are in the NOW. The NOW is of the most important for individuals with ADHD, it takes up most of their view.

Now haha... in the NOW, your mood is up, your motivation is bursting from the seams and you are setting the movement you will be taking over the next...

day or week or month (the NOT NOW) in the NOW. Does that make any sense at all?

In our last blog post, we mentioned the idea that the only thing you can hold constant is that your current MOOD, MOTIVATION and MOVEMENT is not constant. That is why, when downloading and using Brili for the first time, we ask that you ASK yourself just one question.

Am I creating these routines and goals in the NOW, with all the MMMh factors influencing me to set unrealistic time lines and ramping up my work load for the NOT NOW, with all the MMMh factors that will inevitably change?

If, when thinking about your answer, you remember the many times in-which you have done this very thing and been disappointed in yourself, DO NOT be discouraged. There is always a time and a place for real change to occur and it DEFINITELY could be today!

By answering that question, you might be able to see these next steps a little clearer.

Take Stock

First and foremost, you have to take stock of the feelings you have now, write them out if you have to. Just make sure you are clear as to what is your current motivation, mood and the movement you think you can achieve over the next week.


Think about that final goal, then break it down into at least five smaller goals to obtain along the way. Figure out which of those smaller goals is the easiest to complete and add it as a component in you routines as you create them to begin.

Take From What You Already DO

After identifying your first attainable goal, create routines that match what you already do. Try not to include too many changes to your daily schedule other than structuring them in order and with a certain allotted time. The idea here is to get used to having a structured routine and making it as easy as possible to introduce in your life.  

Account For Changes In Mood

For every routine you create, make at least two copies and edit them for the different moods you often find yourself in. For example, one for a good average morning, one for those days you just feel like doing the bare minimum and another for mornings like the one you downloaded Brili, up early, great mood, high motivation and in need of movement.