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An App to Help Manage ADHD Symptoms.
Systematically boost dopamine and get things done.
Find your healthiest pace and build from where you are. Start your free trial today and make sure the solution works for you!
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Keep Your Time, Dynamically.
Reduce Your Mental Load
Once you have created a routine with Brili, the app keeps you in the know. Know where you are, what you have next, when to start and trust you will end on time.
Stop Getting Overwhelmed
Go with the flow, adapt as the day goes on. Brili routines are dynamic and allow you the flexibility you need in the day to day.
Feel More Energized
Routines with Brili allow you to match your pace of work, take breathers and perfectly timed breaks.
Who is this app built for?
Those of you that have all the dreams and aspirations in the book and the mental capacity to reach them. A little structure can help you gain clarity on your strengths, move forward consistently and remove common obstacles that hold you back.
Those with a gift for crafting and the ingenuity to do it in any form. Automating simple chores and self-care can ensure you maintain the physical, mental and environmental health that promotes your creative freedom.
For the terminators of last minute projects, you always wait until the final buzzer. Spreading that work out will have you excelling past your wildest dreams, avoiding burn out and fatigue.

"I love this app! As an adult with adhd it has been incredibly helpful with automating my mornings so that I don’t have to think about what needs to be done next and I don’t get distracted trying to remember what I should be doing. The reminders throughout tasks are great!"

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Bri UK

"This app is an absolute GAME CHANGER. I've gone from being late to work everyday to getting there comfortably on time, and am developing a pretty successful meal and bedtime routine, which is something I've never been able to do by myself before. The only thing I'd suggest to make the app better is adding a to do list for things outside the schedules, so all your organization stuff can be in the same place in-app. But otherwise it's amazing, feels like it's opened up a whole new world!Thank you!”

Author 2
Iris US

“This App has changed our lives. My son is finally able to get himself ready for school by himself. I never have to yell anymore. He is proud of himself. It has helped his self-esteem! Thank you for inventing it!"

Author 3
Natalie Germany
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Built for the Neurodivergent Community
A little structure can go a long way
Our app saves our users on average 30 minutes everyday, start your free trial today and see how that is possible for you!
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