A useful tool for any one seeking structure and consistency.

Designed for the ADHD community, beneficial for everyone, this app is completely free for the first 10 days. No credit card information taken.


Both apps, 'Brili Routines: Habit Tracker' for adults with ADHD and 'Brili Routines: Visual Timer' for kids and their parents, are made to help whoever's thumbs are at the controls with every day routines.

CREATE AND CUSTOMIZE ROUTINES WITH EASE With Brili you create, drag and drop the tasks of an upcoming routine into place. Set a specific start or end time, or even leave them off your calendar to complete them at any time. With Brili you can hone your perception of time and make some super successful habits through routines.
TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR TIME The Brili Apps helps you visualize time with easy to understand colorful timers that show you the urgency of your task at hand. With the Brili apps you can use structure to your advantage without compromising your need for flexibility. By structuring productive and even every day tasks in your morning or nightly routine, you can ensure you will not miss a beat.
START TO ENJOY THE TIME YOU FREE UP Chances are, if you have a nicely structured, easy to start routine everyday in the morning, you are going to free up some time. You might save a few minutes here and there, not stressing, overthinking or running around the house looking for what you meant to do next. So get ready to spend the newly recovered free time you discover with Brili on whatever you would like!
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What the community says about Brili

"I love this app! As an adult with adhd it has been incredibly helpful with automating my mornings so that I don’t have to think about what needs to be done next and I don’t get distracted trying to remember what I should be doing. The reminders throughout tasks are great!"

- Bri

This app is an absolute GAME CHANGER. I've gone from being late to work everyday to getting there comfortably on time, and am developing a pretty successful meal and bedtime routine, which is something I've never been able to do by myself before. The only thing I'd suggest to make the app better is adding a to do list for things outside the schedules, so all your organization stuff can be in the same place in-app. But otherwise it's amazing, feels like it's opened up a whole new world!Thank you!

- Iris

This App has changed our lives. My son is finally able to get himself ready for school by himself. I never have to yell anymore. He is proud of himself. It has helped his self-esteem! Thank you for inventing it!

- Natalie


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