Prioritizing tasks in the morning rush might be a bit tricky when you don't prioritize according to which of them really matter to set you up for a great day. Prioritizing correctly at the beginning of the day means you have your basic needs squared away and accounted for. Any additional tasks completed are icing on the cake.

Fundamental and need fulfilling tasks like eating a balanced breakfast, drinking water and personal hygiene are the staples of any good morning routine.

No matter if you're just starting to redefine your mornings or a seasoned veteran we all still have the occasional late rushed mornings. What is important when you are rushing is that you still fulfill your needs no matter the time crunch.

Remember to be kind and patient with yourself in the morning as you are still waking up and don't rush yourself through meaningful tasks. Making progress on only one critical morning task is better than none and will leave you with more energy to work with. You can always reach for higher goals later.

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