Mornings are the most important part of the day for most people - if they don't have entirely different work or care schedules.

They are most important because they set the tone for the day, are a daily chance to intentionally take care of our needs, like fuel our bodies, brains, and hearts with all the good stuff that keep us healthy and make us happy.

Still, we are stressed more often than not. Here's where not only executive functions play a major role to fulfill our needs. But on a deeper level we might also be stressed because we're not living according to our values.

Let’s say Kindness is a core value of yours. When your mornings are stressful, that can lead to negative comments, nagging, even arguments. In order to live according to your core value, you are now looking for a way to bring kindness back into your mornings.

None of this needs to happen on a conscious level. Your values are a part of your unique personality and only you know how to live a life in accordance to them. Either intuitively or intentionally if you've been reflecting on your values before.

Therefore, each one needs to find their own way of creating their best mornings because it's not just about getting ready but living a balanced life according to their own unique compass in life.

Curious how to do just that? Our brand new Course "Transform Your ADHD Morning" will guide you towards better mornings that fit your life and not someone else's.