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Welcome to the Mind De-clutttering Framework

Let's get started right away, type out all your clutter items into the fields below and prioritize 5 by clicking their corresponding checkbox!

Now let's add further input to those priority!

For each item, decide what you want to do with it. Here are the options in the dropdown

  • Fix it
  • Elminate it
  • Change your perspective on it
  • Keep it

Based on what you decide to do with the priority, you can add some details to help you implement it or change your perspective.

  • Fix it - add 9 more line of information to break it down, set a date and time, connect with an accountability buddy and decide how you would like to celebrate it
  • Elminate it - give yourself a good reason why it can just be eliminated.
  • Change your perspective on it - write a few sentences on how you will change your perspective moving forward
  • Keep it - if it is not that big and important of a priority afterall, just keep it around until you get to it. Jot down some notes how how and when you would like to complete it in the future.