Having ADHD can get expensive, just by the fact that forgetting things often comes with a price and these costs add up quickly. Think for a moment about the cost of not regularly brushing your teeth, not exercising or the library book fees and the parking tickets from not feeding the meter.

What is referred to as "ADHD Tax" are those accumulative costs when you do not regularly keep up with your bills, your health and your to dos. On top of that, there are the impulse buys and the spending around your newest hyper fixation. These costs can really add up!

Brushing your teeth, library returns and and paying your bills: These are examples of things that you could incorporate into your regular routines that will easily save you more money than you spend on the Brili app in no time. Start looking at your routines as more than chores or to-dos but playlists with a purpose. They save you money and time, and you can set up some motivating rewards for completing them.

What would be one small action that would help you save money regularly? Schedule it in your Brili Routines today – as a single task routine or stacked onto an existing habit that works well for you.

The impulsive spends are a bit different to get a handle on. For example when you're starting a new hobby. Instead of purchasing all the tools you will need to dive into your next hobby, consider:

  1. Joining an intro class at your local community center or college where you can look into learning a new skill without the need of purchasing all the equipment yourself.
  2. Starting with what you have. There is always a minimal viable option to get you started and introduced to the subject without any big investments. The longer you spend on the hobby the more confident you can feel in actually buying some starter materials.
  3. If anything, buy only a few starter materials. To prevent from overdoing it, try to make it a habit to wait one day before hitting the "Buy now" button. Some items might appear less tempting the next day. You can also ask someone who has been doing that hobby for a while for recommendations on what to get when you are just starting out. They might just give or lend you what you need, for free.

If you have already made purchases and regret them, here's what to do: Think about the idea of picking your hobby back up in the future. If that decision seems far off in the future, like more than a year, sell the items online or at a local shop. If you can get any money for them, consider that a win!

When you have invested in a new hobby, consider using Brili to follow through on it and keep your motivation up. If you are just starting out, don't go wild with scheduling your hobby routine everyday. You might want to start with just 3 days out of the week and work your way up from there. With a regularly scheduled routine and Brili's reminders that hobby just might be the one that sticks.