The Brili Routines app is the tool and we want to make sure you are best equipped with tips and techniques to make that tool the most effective it can be. Upgrade you routines with these tips to make them work better for you.

There are as many daily routines in this world as there are people because what works best for one doesn't necessarily work for others. With ADHD, daily routines are made most effective when they reflect your more specific needs - and not rely heavily on the 'neurotypical' way of doing things.

As getting started on a task can be a major challenge, rewarding yourself afterwards and receiving a boost of dopamine you may be lacking is always a great move. Here is one central aspect of ADHD-friendly routines: How to create motivating beginnings and endings to your daily routines.

Start with something easy, something that you enjoy. If the first task of your routine is relatively easy and ideally an activity you look forward to, it is more likely that you get started at all. The following tasks which you have planned to do will then be easier to tackle. Examples could look like this:

  • Drink a cup of coffee before emptying the dishwasher.
  • Write a positive affirmation into your notebook to set the right mindset before reading your emails.
  • Call a friend or family member before you get started to exercise.

Consider these activities as essential self-care and your individual way of getting motivated and into the flow. Rather than delaying important or urgent tasks, these activities serve as warm ups.

End with something positive. Rewards are essential for the brain, they connect your routines and habits with a positive and enjoyable outcome. Your routine should therefore end with a smile on your face. Examples could look like this:

  • Add a personalised positive message for yourself to the end of your Brili routine.
  • Add a fun task like "Have some ice cream" or "Watch my favorite TV series" to the end of a challenging routine.
  • Share your success regularly with friends, family or accountability partner.

Knowing that your routine will end with something enjoyable will emphasize your accomplishment and help you get started next-time, keep going, complete and repeat.

Time to get creative! Which intro or outro task would make your routine more enjoyable and motivate you to surely hit the start button next time?