Perfecting the pacing of your routine takes a few tries and fails. The first time you put together a routine in Brili, the timing won't be perfect, you probably will not reach the end of that routine completely happy with energy to spare. With any routine though, that should ideally be the goal!

Fitting your routine to how long it takes you to get things done and ensuring that you do not feel burnt out by the end so you can enjoy the rest of your day is important.

When looking at the pacing of your routines there are a few things to consider:

First, understand the effort each of your tasks take, not only physically, but mentally as well. A task could be very small but have much larger implications. For instance, clicking send on an important email or finally submitting that finished project. These tasks are those that are often procrastinated and should be weighed similar to more physically exhausting or long and arduous tasks.

Second, difficult tasks should be placed as far away from one another in a routine as possible. Separate these tasks with smaller or easier ones and make sure you have a 5 minute break every 45 - 60 mins of work. If your routine lasts longer that 2 hours, you should have at least a 10 minute break in the middle to break things up.

Third, just because you could do a certain task faster, does not mean you should. Make sure that you are not rushing more than usual through your tasks. If anything, provide yourself an extra minute or two so you can take your time and ensure the work you are doing is up to your standards. Rushing yourself can lead to exhaustion, which can lead to the rest of your routine being left incomplete.

Fourth, this can also be helped by providing buffer tasks that allow you time in between work tasks to walk to the next room or prepare your supplies and work environment at your desk. The more you split larger tasks up and buffer smaller tasks with these 'transition tasks', those tasks that only involve changing rooms or work surfaces, the better paced your routine will be.

Last but not least, pacing yourself when it comes to establishing routines in your life is important as well. We always recommend - whether this is your first time using Brili, you are very experienced or you are revisiting routines - to START SLOW.