We invite you to step into 2023 by participating in the tiniest challenge you will face all year with us here at Brili.

Starting today, we challenge you to choose 1 tiny habit that will make you feel good about yourself and do it at least 15 out of the 31 days of this month.

It can be anything you wish to do regularly, and whatever feels like a win for you by the end of this month with this challenge. Want to start flossing your teeth, get some fresh air, build better relationships at work?

One flossed tooth is better than none, one minute outdoors is better than none, one quick message to a business contact is better than none. You get the point. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your tiny new habit in Brili and get started!

Don't worry about the rest of the year or your plans for this task into the future. This is your first challenge of 2023 and it just so happens to be the tiniest one. Tiny habits can be powerful and may turn into more, but let's narrow our focus and choose one.

We want to make it clear, this is not a New Years resolution! This is a chance for you to feel good and take a step in the right direction whatever your personal goals might be.

You might have had it in mind to make some huge changes this year, but huge changes usually don't happen overnight. Let's keep it in mind as a long-term goal and challenge ourselves in a small way first. The rest of the year will come soon enough.

Here is how to join in:

  1. Choose one tiny habit you would like to start doing once every week day of this month of January. Pro Tip💡: Make it simple and achievable, it shouldn't take more than 1 minute to complete.
  2. Create a small routine in your Brili app called "Tiniest Challenge Routine". Schedule it for at least 4 days of the week to reach 15 days. Pro Tip💡: Schedule this one tiny task only in your routine. If you find it helpful to connect this new habit to an existing habit, you can of course schedule that too.
  3. Create a reward for this challenge to motivate you! Set it worth at least 80 stars. Pro Tip💡: Make the reward relevant in some way, shape or form to the challenge and meaningful to you.
  4. Look out for the notifications every day and get it done. The app will track your progress. Pro Tip💡: Check your progress in the Achievements for more (visual) motivation as the days with a completed tiny habit turn green.

Throughout this month we will be providing motivation, tips and chances to further this challenge. We'll see you there and are curious to hear about your tiny habit! Keep us up-to-date on your journey through this challenge with weekly check-ins on social media or within our Journey2ADHD community where you will find other participants.