Depending on where you fell on the checklist from 0-18, you may want to consider different options for assisting yourself with your possible time blindness. The first step is always acceptance and self-love!

Without accepting time as a real challenge for you, it will be difficult to seriously consider and integrate the proper solutions. Another good positive step before addressing your time blindness is to develop a 'why' to define your goal for getting it under control.

Here is a quick guide to the checklist ranges -

Lower Level: 0-6

Time blindness only impacts one or two areas of your life in this range. There are some tips that may be helpful to you. This depends particularly on where your level of time blindness effects you the most in life; focusing on that area for improvements with help the most. For instance, in the work place, an area where punctuality is important.

Medium Level: 7-12

At this point, we would recommend testing and pursuing different techniques and tools to help you with your time blindness. Some quick improvements and integrations can be tremendously helpful. See the 'How to Manage Time Blindness' section below.

High Level: 13-18

A high level of time blindness comes with unique challenges. Finding and integrating the right tools and techniques into your life is incredibly important. Serious effort should be taken to change your understanding of time before any tools are integrated. Please consider all the options below.

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How to Manage Time Blindness

While time blindness can present significant challenges, there are proven strategies that can help to better manage your time:

  1. Use visual aids such as calendars, planners, and timers to create a structured schedule.
  2. Break tasks into smaller, manageable steps to prevent feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Set reminders and alarms for important deadlines and appointments.

You won't be surprised that Brili has you covered for all those aspects of time and task management. Create flexible routines that allow you to complete your tasks on time while offering visual and acoustic support.

Using Brili can not only help to get stuff done but also to understand better what time is needed for certain tasks, how to structure your day, and eventually let muscle memory take over where possible.

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Our comprehensive program offers practical strategies and support for thriving with ADHD in everyday life.By understanding the symptoms of Time Blindness, the scientific underpinnings, and practical strategies for time management, you can take proactive steps to regain control over your time and daily activities. Remember, you're not alone in this journey, and with the right support and resources, it's possible to overcome the challenges of time blindness and thrive.