Looking for support as you head through the tiniest challenge you will face in 2023? Find a friend to tell about it or join our Journey2ADHD community and make a post, other members will come out to support.

Accountability buddies are helpful regardless if you are participating in a challenge or just want to get stuff done. An accountability buddy can be anyone you tell of an endeavor and ask to check in on you periodically about your progress.

Accountability is a great tool to use for motivating yourself to get things done. People with ADHD can have particular challenges with self-regulation due to lower levels of dopamine, a key neuro-chemical that supports this executive function. Having a check-in buddy for different goals can benefit you greatly, it is a way of outsourcing this executive function and raising its importance in your own mind.

This works off the findings that many people work better in a public environment where there are more eyes on us. If you do your best work at the library or in coffee shops, this may be particularly helpful for you.

What should you be looking for in an accountability buddy?

  • Someone who is aware of and understands what you struggle with.
  • Someone supporting personal growth and development.
  • Someone who has similar values as you.

It is really that simple, use your better judgement, but remember to not overwhelm your buddy! Start with this one challenge to develop what you are looking for from accountability and see if it actually benefits you. If it turns out to be advantageous, switch up with whom you share to avoid relying on one person for too much and for too long.

If you need help finding an accountability buddy, join the Journey2ADHD community for free and access our Habit Formation Group. We will be making posts so group members can connect and find accountability partners!