From now into the New Year a lot of stressful things may be on the horizon. The combination of family gatherings, gift shopping, travel and cold weather can easily overwhelm us all. For the month of December, you might want to look into finding your 'holiday rhythm'.

Take a look at your current routines and habits and try asking yourself a few questions:

Will I be able to keep up with all of these through the holiday madness? How can I adapt them now to stay consistent despite travel, visiting family members and cold weather? The right routine helps you relieve stress, anxiety and put more control in your hands, there is no better time to change and adapt your routines then before the holiday season.

What have caused friction at family gatherings in the past? You are not who you were, you are who you are. Heading home for the holidays or seeing people you have not seen in while, you might feel a pressure to fall back into childhood patterns of behavior. When you notice this happening, it is best to take a few minutes away, remind yourself who you have become and reintroduce yourself into the situation with that in mind.

Will this all be overwhelming for me? Should I also enjoy the holidays? Remember most of all, this is your holiday too and it is okay to say no to people sometimes when you already have enough on your plate. Whether it is a party invitation or favor, you do not need to be up and ready for everything. Along those same lines, it is a busy season, so do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Ask for help cooking, cleaning, decorating or shopping.

Wishing you a happy and low-stress holiday season,

The Brili Team