We all have our own names for them—those tasks that go on not getting done, those thoughts going in endless circles, burrowing a hole in the side of our heads, keeping us from enjoying more fun and creative matters.

An old friendship waiting to be kept alive or unopened letters on your desk: Those trifling trivialities, loathing lingerers, drags, nags, the causes of our under-eye bags make life harder to live and add weight to every new ask. They call our attention away at the most inopportune moments and keep us on the brink of overwhelm.

If you feel it's time to finally get rid of those unpleasant tasks and thoughts and free up valuable mental energy, then our exercise to Spring Clean Your Mind might be just the right thing for you.

By identifying the sources of your mental clutter and taking proactive steps to address them, you can reduce overwhelm, improve focus and attention, and feel more calm. Ultimately, you take back control of your mental space.

The Brili team of ADHD and routine experts has built this exercise specifically to tackle these unwanted, unavoidable thoughts in a quick and straightforward way.

We'll guide you through a series of steps to identify, prioritize, and tackle your mind clutter. You will get clarity on what's weighing you down, decide on the best strategy for each of them, think about specific next steps and support, and also decide on how to celebrate once it's done.

And your Brili Routines app might be just the right tool to stay on track while you're getting stuff out of the way.

Sounds good? All the exercise needs is a ready and determined individual to take the next steps towards a more peaceful mind.

So, are you ready to Spring Clean Your Mind?