Thank you so much to everyone who shared their insights in our most recent ADHD Awareness Survey! We are focused on our motto of 'moving forward with ADHD', so we wanted to share positive experience and tips this month. Now it's time to review some of the answers from the community.

For the question, How "ADHD-friendly" is your life and environment? (1-100%)

Respondents answered with an average of 41%, the highest respond being 78%. Over 50% of respondents said 50% or higher. This seems like great news, people have found ways to make a good portion of their life ADHD-friendly.

For the question, What improvements would you hope for in the future? Be as specific and unique to your own situation as you would like.

Here are some of the most interesting answers from respondents:

"More flexibility at work - I work best when I can switch between multiple projects throughout the day, rather than doing the same thing over and over again."

"That when an employee says, "I do better with deadlines." Management understands and stops saying things like "I'd like this to be done by x," or "I want this to be done by x." This language helps no one. If it lives in 'Important but Not Urgent' territory its not likely to be done, even by Neurotypical people. Also when I say I'm "Time Blind" understand that I can do everything right, but there will be times where I'm a couple minutes late to a meeting because I just didn't set an alarm for once, or wasn't staring down a clock."

For the question, What area of your life has become the most ADHD friendly?

Respondents answered 'Home' most consistently with 'Online' & 'Social' in second and third respectively. Encouraging results showing that people have been able to make these 3 areas of life work for them and their specific needs.

Lastly we asked respondents to, take a moment to share an ADHD friendly life tip you have learned along the way and would like others to know.

Here are a few things they said:

"Take the time to set up routines. Your future self will thank you."

"Separate planning from doing -- avoid trying to do both at once. Externalize plans as much as possible."

"If you have teachers / professors who don't mind, drawing in class really helps me stay awake :) maybe others will find that helpful!"

"Remember that you don’t have to please anyone else when making accommodations for yourself in YOUR space. I avoided putting multiple bins around my space for recycling because I know my dad would judge me for not just carrying it out to the attached garage. But I have to remind myself he doesn’t live here and I make the rules in my own space!"

"Side missions (not distractions) help me feel accomplished faster and get that dopamine boost so I can focus on the big picture at hand"

"My therapist shared with me the 3:1 ratio in conversing with others. Ask three questions before you state something interesting about yourself."

"Don’t put that down. Put it away. - this helps me keep my things where they go when I actually do it and I’m not searching for things"

"Don't give up. I'm not there yet but I'm hoping one day I will be able to say that the struggle to manage this condition was worth it."

We hope you find these insights and tips from your peers helpful this ADHD Awareness Month!