An accountability day can be your way of getting something done. Instead of just relying on sheer willpower to get through your work and chores, there are a few other techniques you can try to employ, along with, of course, your Brili Routines. One of those small but mighty techniques is accountability!

Here is how an accountability day could work for you when nothing else seems to.

You wake up in the morning, possibly unmotivated and lacking energy. Instead of turning to goblets of coffee like you would normally do, you turn to your roommate, spouse, friend, or family member.

As a way of challenging yourself, pushing yourself despite your lack of energy and motivation, you say to them, "I have been unmotivated recently, but I am going to try to do stuff today. Here is what I have planned!"

The mere act of letting them know what you would like to get done might be just what you need to actually do it. Think about how good it will feel later to let them know, "Hey, by the way, I did those things." Envision that success, then make sure you have those tasks written down and time blocked out for them and added them to a Brili on-demand routine.

The thought of that success later has probably given you a little energy. Get started on those tasks now, beginning with something easy and then knock them down one by one.

You might have already noticed that Brili presents you with a share button at the end of a successful routine. Use this to share with the person you told in the morning that you completed your tasks. You may just be surprised at their supportive response. It's important to appreciate the small wins, especially at low moments, and often support and an outside perspective can help you appreciate and understand their importance.

By involving someone else in your goals, you create a sense of responsibility and urgency that might be difficult to achieve on your own. Knowing that someone else is aware of your plans and progress can provide the extra push needed to stay committed and focused.

Accountability also fosters a supportive environment where encouragement and positive reinforcement from others can boost your morale and confidence. This collaborative approach not only helps in achieving your immediate tasks but also builds a habit of setting and meeting goals consistently.

Embracing accountability can lead to improved time management, increased self-discipline, and a greater sense of accomplishment.

So, does tomorrow look like it's going to be an accountability day? Try it the Brili way!