Many of you have asked for more flexibility in handling your routines. Therefore, we're really happy to present this newly designed On-Demand Routines feature to you, we hope you like it!

Stay More Organized: Now, it is so much easier to organize your routines into those you want to have scheduled in your calendar and those you want to start spontaneously when you have time.

Start Your Routines: We've also added more flexibility when it comes to starting your On-demand routines. You can either hit the green Play button in the Calendar View, get started from your Cockpit, or you head to your Routine Manager and start your routine with a long tap from there.

Take A Break: When you are on vacation and don't need certain routines, you can also set your routines as inactive. This holiday mode will pause the scheduling of your routine until you're back and ready for your regular routines again. Just go to your Routine Manager and long tap on the routine you wish to pause.

Time to try it out! Head over to your Routine Manager and start organizing your routines. You might want to have morning or bedtime routines scheduled to stay on top of time. Shopping or self-care routines on the other hand might happen more spontaneously and are best organized in the On-demand folder.

And since you're here in the app already: Hit the start button on any of your routines and get some stuff done!