Imagine starting your day at a cluttered desk, with a chaotic schedule, and a mind overwhelmed with decisions. Sorry to put that in your mind, NOW envision a world where you confidently handle tasks, make prompt decisions, and experience a sense of calm. Better now? That is what the OHIO method can help you do - navigate daily tasks with clarity by following this simple guideline for whatever comes your way: Only Handle It Once.

Let's go back to the example of a cluttered desk: You have a stack of papers piling up on your desk, knowing that unpaid bills or important medical information might be hiding somewhere in there. Not only can this cause feelings of worry, it's probably also getting in your way of being productive at work by constantly being reminded of all the things that need attention.

With OHIO, you can use a method that makes it easier to tackle existing piles or handle incoming papers. The idea: You commit to handling each item only once. As you open a letter or pick up a document from your pile, you make an immediate decision: file it, act on it, delegate it, or discard it. By applying this simple rule, you avoid the accumulation of overwhelming clutter and "should dos". The same is true for emails and your digital workspace.

The OHIO method offers some remarkable benefits:

Enhanced Organization: OHIO promotes a structured approach, providing a clear framework for managing physical and digital spaces. By establishing designated places for items and organizing digital files, you can reduce distractions and easily find what you need.

Improved Task Management: Breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable steps is a game-changer for most people with ADHD. OHIO encourages prioritization and time allocation, ensuring that important tasks are tackled promptly. As a result, productivity increases, and the feeling of being overwhelmed diminishes.

Increased Decision-Making Confidence: The OHIO method empowers individuals by streamlining decision-making. By trusting instincts, gathering information, and promptly making choices, the burden of indecision fades away, leaving room for increased confidence and self-assurance.

Reduced Mental Clutter: The OHIO method alleviates mental fatigue caused by the constant loop of unfinished tasks and unresolved decisions. By addressing each task and decision promptly, individuals with ADHD experience a sense of relief, allowing them to focus their mental energy on more important matters.

Incorporating OHIO into daily life takes practice and perseverance. Start with small, manageable areas, such as decluttering your workspace. Celebrate each step forward and be patient with yourself during the learning process. Surround yourself with support, understanding, and encouragement which can make all the difference to actually changing your habits.