"More than half of all individuals who have been diagnosed with ASD also have signs of ADHD." - CHADD Resources

Moving forward we hope to be able to bring you monthly free LIVE events! This month's event is on 'The Intersection of ADHD & Autism' w/ The School of Life team. The event is Thursday November 17th and you can register below for free.

This event already happened, watch it here!

For all of our events, if you register, you will receive an email with the recording and relevant links regardless if you are able to attend. Although, we hope to see you there so you can interact and ask questions.

We are especially excited for this event topic for a few reasons. Many of you out there are familiar with the multitude of cross overs and comorbidities that exist within the neuro-divergent community. The intersection of ADHD and Autism may be one of the most common.

The School of Life team of ADHD & Life Coaches, well versed in this area, will be taking us through the distinctions and similarities. One of their Coaches, Bianca, has both ADHD & ASD and will be sharing her personal experience to work with both.

Join us for this discussion to share your own experience and ask questions to clarify things in your life!