Another Live Event incoming: Setting your own boundaries in a relationship will promote healthier open conversations where both sides feel heard and comfortable expressing themselves. With ADHD and rejection sensitivity, setting boundaries and communicating what makes you feel uncomfortable or hurt may sound like the worst possible thing, but it is actually very healthy and beneficial.

This event has already been recorded!

The School of Life team will be helping us define what the different boundaries are, how we may be able to approach setting them and reaffirming our basic rights as people. There will also be a Q&A where you can ask questions and an interactive activity that may help you understand the concepts even more.

The mere thought of telling someone what you really think may make you cringe and shrivel up with worry of how they would respond. However, you should know, if a friend, family member or romantic partner is doing or saying something regularly that hurts you deeply, that is not something you just have to endure.

As 50% of any relationship you are a part of, you have a right to be treated with respect. As an individual you should feel comfortable communicating when something is wrong and if you do not, there are some clear boundaries that may help for you to set.

If you'd like to learn more about ADHD-specific strategies around relationships with friends, family members, work colleagues or romantic partners, join us this coming Wednesday for our interactive LIVE event, be part of the discussion and get your questions answered!

Stay tuned for more live events and watch this one here!