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Alongside the Brili Routines app, perfect for promoting more healthy, well paced and spaced routine living, the information that keeps you in the know is just as important in helping you be less stressed and pressed throughout the day.

Since our last event with the ADHD coaches from 'The School of Life' had such a great response, we are focused on providing you with more helpful information on ADHD through LIVE events, another is coming up quick next Wednesday (8/3)!

We will be covering an intro LIVE to 'ADHD and Rejection Sensitivity' with some ADHD coaches from the School of Life. It should be noted that what is now known as Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD) is not a medical diagnosis, but a criteria for identifying underlying ADHD symptoms.

This webinar is coming up on August 3rd so register ASAP for the LIVE Zoom Event link to attend, exclusive post-event recording access and reminders!

Tracey Pinder, ADHD coach and the founder of 'The School of Life' will be taking us through an introduction breaking down what RSD really is, how it presents itself in daily life scenarios and some techniques to try in addressing it.

It is widely recorded that at least 90% of people with ADHD, also have RSD. Attend this completely free event, if you think RSD may be effecting your life, Tracey will take us through a preliminary quiz LIVE to begin the discussion.

To end the event, we will hear from a panel of ADHD coaches that are ready to discuss answers to your most pressing questions.

This is an important topic when it comes to routines because rejection sensitivity can lead to unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms. It can stop you from executing on you goals and negatively impact your mental health. At this event we will be sharing a helpful downloadable routine template to address rejection sensitivity directly on a regular basis.