These months should be the beginning of a long journey throughout the year to build awareness, educate others and most of all support those in need.

This blog article is a continuation of our team stories series (first blog here). We here at Brili believe in sharing stories, discovering commonalities and finding relief.

Healing Big Feelings

Before I began working at Brili, I did not know how vast, supportive, and relatable the ADHD community truly was. I also did not understand how helpful and healing simply relating to others that have gone through similar experiences can be.

Growing up the youngest in an ADHD household left me with a lot of questions. Visiting friends' houses, I would ask myself, why does my family have such "big" feelings? Why do we have trouble keeping our house as clean as this one? Where are all the half drunk cups?!

The fact was, many people did not understand ADHD and its many forms. They put labels of lazy or trouble-maker on it thinking that would help them realize they were different and needed changing. Today, things are still not great, but at least we can say they are getting better.

I hope that during this month of awareness and throughout the rest of the year, ADHD family and friends everywhere learn a little more about their loved ones and come to understand and support them even more, as I have over the past two years.

Healing In Retrospect

When growing up, the path towards waking up and getting out of the door to catch the bus to school was a struggle for my family.

The shouting and chaos started at 6 AM. My mom had a strategy and a way to motivate us, she was our reminder that if we did not hurry we wouldn’t make it: “it is already 6:35, you will miss the bus!” this was already the fourth or fifth call, she was very creative in the ways she motivated us to rush, and we NEEDED her, for every step of our chaotic morning routine... She was the one holding us accountable otherwise, we would have missed the bus more often than we did.

Now as an adult, I can understand her desperation, having a child with ADHD she gave us hours of conversations and discussions, explaining to us the importance of being on time and being independent. But nothing was enough.

A solution like Brili did not exist at that point and I am very positive that if we had known that such a digital solution could have improved our family dynamics we would have taken it. I work for Brili because of the positive impact we have on families and individuals with ADHD