We are committed to continuing the development of our new app for Adults according to what you, the ADHD community need. You might have discovered it already since the last update: Our completely redesigned Achievements page with new features and insightful improvements is now available!

If you have not download the app here for a free month and check out what we are talking about!

You asked for it and we listened: We're really excited to walk you through the new Achievements page, so you can make the most of them while using Brili.

Routine history: In this all new "Past Routines" calendar, you can view which routines you have completed on which days in the last 12 months. Since it is a completely new feature, the calendar is starting to fill with your routine data this August and will build up over time.

Each day with at least one completed routine will appear green on your calendar. Three different colors of green will give you feedback on the amount of completed routines you did on that day: One, two or three and above. The more consistent you are with your new habits, the more colorful your calendar will be!

Tap on a color coded day and you will see more information on your successful routines: The actual start and end time on the left, and the actual duration and stars on the right.

Daily and weekly activity: Next on the new Achievements page, you will find feedback on your "Mastered Minutes". Here, you can monitor how much time you have spent on your routines "Today" and "This Week". This allows you a fresh start every week, and is meant to motivate you, especially in times when you have fallen behind. Remember, spending 10 minutes to get essential tasks done is SO MUCH better than none. You might be surprised how much you can get done in a short amount of time!

Unlimited collecting: For our most active users, there is now no limit on the stars you can collect and routines you can track having been completed. Even if you have won all the Brili badges and reached all goals, you will now get feedback on your progress beyond these.

New design: The new look and feel brings more joy to working towards your goals and monitoring your achievements. The all new badges are more gamified and the counter arch visualizes your progress.

The whole design reflects the original meaning of the word Brili which is "to sparkle" or "to shine" in the Esperanto language. We're here to support you in reaching for the stars!

Time to try it out! Take a look at your past routines and compare if the planned start of your routine matches the time when you actually started it. This can be a good way to learn about your timing and a chance to adapt your routines. You might want to schedule your routine later or earlier to reflect your actual habits and needs.