The last two years here at Brili have been transformative! With a routine app solution out now for both children and adults with ADHD, we have widened the support we provide to the community and could not be happier with the response.

What Is Next For Brili?

Brili's volunteer co-CEOs Sanam Moayedi-Stummer and Susanne Debbas are now focused on the journey ahead. This coming October, ADHD Awareness month, Brili will be hosting FREE LIVE events regarding ADHD to help promote positive conversations and destroy common misconceptions. With topic like 'Communicating ADHD'  & 'Creatviity & ADHD', we hope to have some great discussions.

These LIVE Events are part of a broader push to collaborate regularly with ADHD experts and community leaders with a focus on wholistic approaches to ADHD.

Register here for our coming live event on 'Communicating ADHD' w/ Matt Raekelboom!

Brili Did A Thing!

This month we are excited and humbled to be included among a list of amazing start-ups in the Munich area by Best Startup EU! As a company we strive to provide the best for the community that we serve and hope to continue our work for many more years to come. Inclusions like this one help us spread the word and build awareness for our routine solutions.

Brili was selected by Best Startup EU due to exceptional performance in one of the following categories:

  • Innovative ideas
  • Innovative route to market
  • Innovative product
  • Exceptional growth
  • Exceptional growth strategy
  • Management
  • Societal impact

Can you guess which one?

About the Best Startup EU Award:

Annually, Best Startup EU awards the most successful startups in the EU, with it’s lists featuring companies who are pushing the limits of innovation to solve critical problems and challenges. Best Startup EU aims to accelerate the growth of the foremost EU based companies, businesses and innovations by promoting them to a global audience. This year Brili makes this list for their exploits in the ADHD Routine App industry.

Pleased and humbled by this latest recognition Brili is ready and eager to deliver to the EU and global stage.

Check our the full list here and please share where you can!


Best Startup EU is an online publication that helps promote European businesses and put them on the international stage. They primarily focus on businesses who show positive signs of growth, innovation, management and excel in areas which have a beneficial impact on society.