We have so much more to share with you from our ADHD Awarenesss Month survey. The best way we have found to promote awareness is by providing you with information that promotes discussion around the dinner table and among friends. One more positive conversation around ADHD makes it all worth it. So please, feel free to discuss this info with someone you know and love!

To the question:

Where are you on your journey to understanding your ADHD?

The Community Responded:

45% of respondents are close to the beginning of their journey.

With 6% at the starting line waiting for the go ahead, 23% just beginning their search for info and techniques and another 16% are starting to face their first obstacles.

We know a lot of our community was diagnosed later in life and believe you are starting your journey in the right place and at a pivotal time. We only hope to help you learn more and strengthen your resolve for the road ahead!

6% of responents are taking a break from it all and another 10% are lost on their search.

For those of you taking a break, good for you, you deserve this time off. Often, the time you take time off is when the biggest breakthroughs occur, it might give you space to think about things from a different perspective. Just make sure you know you deserve it and do not beat yourself up later down the line for taking this much needed time for yourself.

For those of you that feel lost... you may take some solice in knowing that there are points in everyones life where they feel the same. If you talk to any of the respondents that say they are close to figuring it out, most of them will likely say at one point or another, they were lost too. Please check out our blog for helpful resources or join the Journey2ADHD community for free and connect with others who can relate.

39% are near the end of their journey!

With 26% on that grooling uphill battle, 11% that can see the light at the top of the hill and a final 2% of community members that have reached the top!

For those close to the end, please share your stories. There are so many struggling out their in ways that you can understand because you have been through it. You are the success stories, you provide hope, you can bring others with  you to the top. Let's make this journey together!

We did not just collect numbers we asked for statements from the community as well!

To the question:

What do you wish the people around you would understand and respect about your ADHD?

Anonymous responded:

"That I don’t mean to be rude when I say or do things, I’m just not always aware of how I am coming off."

By sharing these community statements, we hope we can encourage you to find your own way with ADHD as well. So that one day you will be able to say, you reached the top!