Curious how others in the community are in the journey to understanding their ADHD? Participate in this ADHD Awareness survey and be heard. All answers will be kept anonymous and results will be shared in fun infographics in 2 weeks time here and on all our social media platforms!

We want to help amplify your real-life experiences with ADHD so that others in the community can relate and those in the broader community can learn more about what it is really like. If you could take 2 minutes to answer the 7 questions at the link below, we would appreciate it, thank you!

ADHD Awareness Month is the perfect time to share experiences around life with ADHD. Think back to the last meme you saw or conversation you had that made you feel seen and understood, even just for a moment. That is what we here at Brili believe ADHD Awareness Month is for, creating more and more of those genuine moments.

The work done during this month could carry us all through another year around the sun. So, even if it is not a conversation you are ready to have with a family member or friend, take 2 minutes and share with us a little about your experience. Then when we share the results later this month, we hope what you share will open the door for even just one new conversation or even a minute long moment of reflection and feelings of being heard.

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Let’s boost ADHD Awareness together! We will be sharing the results of this survey later this month to start meaningful conversations. Stay tuned!