ADHD Awareness Month is almost over, but we still have to drop the mic! Join us for this last finale event to end off the month about "ADHD & Creativity" with ADHD Educator and community influencer Izzie Chea. Learn techniques for harnessing your creativity in anything you do!

This event has already occured, thanks for you support!

Izzie has had success with her ADHD by harnessing her creativity, it has set her apart on social media and allows her to keep things fresh in her love for making music. She will walk us through divergent and convergent thinking techniques and how you can use them in your life.

If you have a new passion you would like to make a habit and eventually master, join us this coming Thursday! With ADHD, it can be frustrating picking up and putting down new interests so frequently. If you are stuck in a creative hole or even would like to share your own experience and feelings on the subject, please join us for this discussion.

When was the last time you worked on a creative project to express yourself?

Only the first 100 to attend will be able to participate LIVE. Everyone who registers will receive the recording and all important links. We keep these sessions limited to help streamline discussions.