It is October and you know what that means! It is ADHD Awareness Month! Don't worry if you don't have any plans, because we have made a few that we would love to have you participate in.

We are starting the month with a kick-off event on 'Communicating ADHD' with ADHD Coach & community leader Matt Raekelboom! The event will be fun, interactive and informative. The goal for the event is for us all to leave invigorated and empowered for a month of breaking down stigma and redefining ADHD for ourselves and others.

This event has already occured, thanks for the support!

Who was the last person you spoke to about your ADHD? And how did it go?

Come and learn techniques for communicating your ADHD to family members, co-workers and even yourself on a daily basis. Participate in polls related to this subject and have your opinions heard and questions answered.

ADHD Awareness month is not just a chance to educate the broader community and debunk their misconceptions; it is also a chance to relate with others in similar situation and become more aware of the fact that you are not alone in your journey!

Join us to celebrate the Awareness Month together! Only the first 100 people to show up will be able to participate so make sure you get there early. We keep these sessions limited to help streamline discussions. All registrants will receive a free recording of the event.