Along with the Brili app, which encourages you to create these routines as colorful and creative representations of how you would like to spend your time, we here at Brili want to set you up for success in the best way possible.

Here are three small ways you can formulate, externalize and utilize the structure provided through Brili in the best way possible.

1 Re-Introduce Yourself to Structure... Slowly.

It is difficult sometimes to manage your ambition, when you are overflowing with inspiration, it is pretty easy to look past and through certain things that are essential to address for success. When you get on a thread of improving something in your life or starting something new it is easy to jump right in without a plan.

No plan or idea for how you might begin to build a plan? No problem at all. Relying on your strengths and a little intuition, let's try lowering that initial bar. Remember, in these situations, you are the one setting your expectations.

To avoid working until you burnout and lose interest, isolate ONE new routine or habit to ONE part of your day. Wherever you think you'll have the most time available and could use the most structure. Try doing that ONE routine consistently (at least 3-4 days a week) for a month or so. Keep it simple and each week, add a new activity or increase the difficulty a little bit to KEEP THINGS INTERESTING.

Remember experts say it takes about 10,000 hours to master something, so let's settle for 10 hours on mastering routines and call that our first goal! Treat this routine as your intro to structure, from this time you can learn so much and begin to broaden the ways you use these incredible tools to get stuff done.

2 Be Flexible & Experiment With Routines

Do you resent having the need for routines? Feel too confined by them and often fall out of them because of it? Where do you and structure currently stand?

Routines can be fun, they can be creative and above all else they can be really effective. They can also, when seen as just lists for getting things done, be boring, overwhelming and anxiety inducing.

Here at Brili we approach routines and structure as scientific theories for how you get things done in your life and express how you want to spend your time. Routines and structure are the TOOLs, they can be used in a million different ways. Experiment a little bit with how you create them and be purposeful in the ways you would like to use them to impact your life. In order to keep coming back to your routines and make them fun, add tasks and activities that you already enjoy doing and be creative!

Creating your own routine, getting one from a friend or building one with an expert, therapist or coach and having them not work out immediately is not a bad thing! That just means one of a few things, it was not the right fit for you, you tried too much too quickly or the circumstances weren't right. Take those learnings into your next routine, adjust tasks, times, star values and length and try again!

3 Create A Master Plan, Mwahahaha!

Don't get ahead of yourself, schedule one routine on one of your off days, no more than 45 minutes in length to look back on how you've done so far.

Having a "master plan", mwahahahaa, to what you want to improve with this new structure and address through routines over time is always a great option.
Go back to tip one before you think about creating this "master plan", baby steps come first, but who doesn't like a few minutes per week to get excited and optimistic for future endeavors.

Add tasks in this routine that keep you grounded in your thinking, BUT think long term, what kind of things do you want to be doing in the next few months or even one year? Start there, thinking any further out can complicate things and be more than overwhelming.

This works into the idea that we here at Brili want you to understand that our app can be one of many tools on your tool belt, not the only one that works to bring order to some of that chaos, but of course an important one!