It will take a few tries to get the exact mix that works for you in your routines, but here at Brili we want to set you up for success with our app in the best way possible. Here are 3 things you should take into account for every routine you create.

I've got a break for that...

a break every 60-90 minutes is, no joke, helpful in keeping you on task. Instead of just taking "a break", make them more effective by defining what each break you've put into your routine is for. Go out and get some sunlight, look at a few birds, grab some vitamin-D, it WILL improve you mood. If you're staring at a computer all day, it is more than good for your eyes to take a break outside and gander at something far away... just not the sun.


... SORRY, I'm back! Writing this made me remember I have been staring at this screen for a few hours too long. Thanks me, that was some good advice!

Having a break ever 60 - 90 minutes means you can get some water, have a snack or even just lie down. Add a mix of break types to your routines to keep it interesting and hit on a few different value adding activities.

Star values may vary...

depending on if you regularly do this task or not. Don't weigh all tasks the same!

If it is something that requires extra effort or you just don't enjoy doing it, make it worth more! That way you have more motivation to get over the hump and just get it over with.

It is good to start off the morning with the high valued task of "just getting out of bed!", that task is the hardest and once you've got some pants on, everything else is a little easier. As things get less difficult to bare or the tasks you once hated become more enjoyable, don't forget to revisit the star values you've given them. The only person you're playing by giving easy tasks 5 stars is yourself!

Keep your phone close during routines...

come on we understand each other, you're not going to YEET your phone across the room, you enjoy it's company too much. It's about building a healthy relationship with that little smart device not pushing it away. This is quite contrary to a lot of articles out there for "routine hacks", but hey, lets try a different approach.

Close out those tabs, they make it far too easy to divert your attention from the task at hand.

Go to that app, you know, the one you open at least 20 times a day. Go to it in settings and turn off those notifications. You can go a few hours without those pop-ups. With any luck you'll forget you turned them off and free yourself for a week or so!

Set a quick routine to manage you notifications every week, I know I have at least three apps giving me notifications that I don't use any more. There notifications simply serve as a excuse, "oh, let me look and see if that was anything important", cut to me falling down a rabbit hole of funny Instagram videos of pandas. Delete them or turn off those notifications!

Let us know how they work!

Feedback on these would be much appreciated, we want to continue to provide you with creative tips on how to stay on task and find success through routine. We would also like to hear any creative tips you might have for us and the community!