This ADHD Awareness month, we here at Brili are focusing on making the worldwide community feel heard, understood and appreciated for who they are. Whether you have ADHD, have a family member or friend with it or are just living on this earth, YOU can do something this month to have an impact on global recognition of ADHD.

A community of more than 300 million can and will be heard if they shout together. Imagine that, everyone on earth with ADHD stands up, walks to a window and shouts at the same time, "I have ADHD!". Do you think you might hear someone else in your neighborhood?

Now imagine everyone with a connection to ADHD, that number has to be in the BILLIONS!

Why Build Awareness This Month? Why Not Always?.

In the constant never ending flow of trying to live your life in peace it is difficult to stand up at every moment you face stigma and explain ADHD to someone in the right way. You should not have to and no one should expect you to have the strength in every moment to advocate for yourself. The consistency and relevance of ADHD in a person's life can be overwhelming.

Many do not have the words to explain. Many find the topic too emotionally charged to take on every criticizer with a calm and cool tone. Nor should they be expected too.

For all those times you fell silent out of exhaustion, this month is a blank slate for standing up to the stigma surrounding ADHD. Maybe not every day or even every other day, but at least once. Why... because it is ADHD Awareness month!

There Are So Many Out There!

If everyone understood ADHD, how the community and experts have come to understand it, do you think there would be any misconceptions? If everyone came to a mutual understanding right now, would you have any problem saying "I have ADHD" in-front of your peers.

The chances are pretty good someone else in your friend group, class, office, gym, or palates class does too. What then?

The ADHD community is so powerful, diverse and EVERYWHERE.

If you have ADHD...

and are accepting of that, own it a-loud as much as you can, so others can too. Conversation fall flat at dinner? Bring up ADHD.

"Did you know this month is ADHD Awareness month? Do you mind if I try to explain to you what ADHD is like for me?"

If you know ADHD...

learn more about it and open your heart to the pain and struggles that come with it. Take the chance to apologize for saying something you shouldn't have or assuming based on a stigma. Take time to see that person and let them know you see them trying.

If you just want to help...

stop using the word lazy to describe someone you barely know. Don't be so quick to provide "just do it" advice when 'just doing it' is the least of the person's concerns. Most of all, listen.

What is Brili doing this month?

Over the course of this month, we will be...

  1. Posting relevant information about ADHD and promoting that info to the larger community. Content to demystify ADHD, address the stigma and right misconceptions.
  2. Encouraging our community to seek help when and where they need it and be giving away some free Brili subscriptions to those in need.
  3. Spotlighting solutions and communities out there for people to find more info on whether or not they themselves have ADHD or to find further resources in addressing their diagnosed ADHD.
  4. Spotlighting ADHD entrepreneurs and their businesses on our social media and in blog articles. Those people with ADHD that pave the way for what it means to be a successful and happy person. Self sufficient and playing into their strengths.