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Pierre Séguin

Pierre is a seasoned technology and product leader, having built systems and processes for global brands for over eighteen years. Pierre’s experience spans marketing, broadcast, automotive, energy, financial, insurance and food service sectors.  He applies his extensive technical knowledge with advanced strategy and user experience best practices to develop wicked cool, yet awesomely effective solutions. When he still had free time to indulge in personal hobbies, he enjoyed photography, building up his 4x4 and keeping his old motorbike running. He remains a consummate geek dad who plays Minecraft and builds Lego projects with his son whenever he can.



Technical Advisor

Kyle's code is what got Brili started. He is an experienced full-stack developer. Having been in the field since the DOS days, Kyle’s past work covers telecommunication, data storage, finance, and online retail. Kyle is always passionate about building scalable, responsive systems that impact everyday life in a positive way. Kyle has a Master's degree in computer science in artificial intelligence and he keeps looking for ways to make software smarter so that it learns to serve us better. In his downtime, he enjoys strumming some chords on the guitar.