Our Vision

At Brili, we appreciate and understand the importance of routines in daily life. Our focus is on using our current resources – our app, our community and our skilled team – to address and promote awareness about the benefits routines can bring to a life with ADHD.

Our team has collaborated with psychologists and experts across the medical community to develop a comprehensive solution to promote and build these skills within our community through our 2 routine app solutions.

The Brili app was originally invented by parents to help other families facing the same challenges with their children. Now, with a solution for both families and adults with ADHD, our focus is on improving our applications and providing more wholistic services to our incredible community.

Meet the team

Sanam Moayedi-Stummer


Brili gives me the direct impact I was seeking by giving the many misunderstood minds the balance and consistency they need through a simple solution. As a mother of two unique rebel girls, I want them to succeed in forward thinking just like all parents do. When a user tells us their child is beaming with self-esteem or that their routines are helping them get through the day without falling apart, I immediately feel emotionally connected. This company and the individual passion bring out the best of all our skills.

Susanne Debbas


As a mom of two brilliant ADHD kids, Brili has helped our family so much in raising awareness and daily implementation of routines. Ever since, it is my deepest wish to support the neurodiverse community of all ages and backgrounds with evidence based knowledge around ADHD and executive functions, with an easy-to-use tool that helps to structure the day and get things done, and with building an inspiring community to learn from each other and provide support through coaching.

Matthieu Bulté


What first inspired me to join Brili was to work on an interesting technical product with a team of smart and experienced leaders. It was only after several months of working on Brili and seeing the impact that Brili has on families made me realize how much more important working on projects that improve the lives of people in challenging situation is to me. Working in this environment where we all share this goal of enabling families to have peaceful routines is what motivates me to keep pushing.

Daniel Penney

Head of Insights & Activation

I came to Brili seeking a fun, creative environment to build my skills and grow my knowledge in app marketing and development as an intern. After finishing my internship, I was inspired to continue my work here because of the impact the Brili experience has made on peoples lives and the incredible team of individuals that strive to continuously improve it.

Jonas Medeiros


As a new developer on the Brili team, helping to upgrade the app and increase its functionality, it has been great working with such an awesome team. The app is an incredible tool and from what I have seen, it truly helps families around the world get organized and improve their daily lives. Knowing that helps me to do the best work I can for this community.



ADHD Ecosystem For Connection & Healing

Journey2ADHD is a private community focused on exploring your ADHD, supporting you on your journey, and surrounding you with positive-minded people who can truly relate to you.

Our community provides you a place to celebrate your wins with fellow users who have all been there, and inspire someone with your story.