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Check out "Cool Things For School" By Speech Language Pathologist Dana Sahian, M.SP
Check out "The Anti-Planner" by Dani Donovan an author, creator, influencer and designer with ADHD!
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Our Vision
At Brili, we appreciate and understand the importance of finding unique and personal solutions to manage ADHD symptoms.
Our focus is on using our current resources – our app, our courses and our skilled team – to address and promote awareness around the benefits routines and certified ADHD coaching techniques can bring to a life with ADHD.
Our team has collaborated with psychologists and experts across the medical community to develop a comprehensive solution.
We work hard to promote and build these skills within our community through our 2 routine app solutions and course offerings.
The Brili app was originally invented by parents to help other families facing the same challenges with their children.
Now, with a solution for both families and adults with ADHD, our focus is on improving our applications and providing more wholistic services to our incredible community.
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For those just getting started with routines and repetition. Check out our Info-Boost in-app for tips!

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For those working their way out of a slump or trying to enter a season of organization and optimism.

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Dedicated Routinist

12 Month Access

For those looking for healthier happier habits and consistent long-term ADHD symptom management.

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