Brili Routines: Visual Timer - an app for children with ADHD

Let Brili be the motivational companion assisting your child in discovering their independence. Make schedules, chore charts, and disorganized calendars a thing of the past.

Parental Customization

Beginning with simple parameters like start time, day of the week, and routine duration, Brili works to fit into your already busy schedule.

Motivating your child and setting expectations is incredibly important to how Brili functions. Parents can give star reward values for each individual task and routine.

With the ability to create customized tasks or pull from a library of premade ones, creating a routine for any situation or time is easy.

Kid's View

Swipe left through tasks as they are completed. If someone is in the bathroom or already drying their clothes, a task can be postponed, and a child can seek parental assistance further into their routine.

Continuous motivation is key to getting through any routine. Brili provides motivational visuals to keep children moving forward and conscious of what they have accomplished.

Audio and visual cues make it easier for children to understand what is up next and how much time they have left.


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Save Time

Brili users save on average 30 minutes in each routine

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Support Emotional Health

Improve executive functions and increase confidence while promoting independence.

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Stay Focused

Brili keeps everyone focused with encouraging visuals and star rewards.

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Reduce Stress

Brili takes the stress out of deadlines with soft reminders.

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Increase Productivity

Pack more into every routine and watch as it gets done faster.

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Balance Things Out

Well balanced routines provide the structure need to develop healthy habits.