After many months of research and development, long working nights and too many stacks of pizza boxes, we are thrilled and proud to announce

our all new Brili Routines App for teenagers and adults is available in the app stores now!

It has been a fantastic journey with our supportive crowdfunding backers, ADHD experts and a brilliant beta testing team. Getting things done - reinvented for adults. Keeping the core idea of our Brili Routines kids app, we built the app from scratch with the newest technology available and redesigned the interface to be a modern and flexible companion in your everyday life.

Mastering daily routines can be a great challenge, especially in these trying times. Providing guidance during your day is at the core of our effort and passion. Whether you want to improve your mornings, get your household chores done or structure your workday better - with our predefined routines it's easy to get started. You can also share your routines with friends and family members and inspire others with your own routine success story.

Without your feedback Brili would not be what it is today. We're grateful for your continued support and are curious to hear about your experience with the new app. Our goal is to bring the ideas of the ADHD community to life - for a routine app that really makes a difference. Let's shine this light together.