Hurray, we have to share some great news with you! As you know, Brili offers an app developed mainly for children suffering from ADHD, ADD, Autism or other mental health challenges and is being used by thousands of families across the world. The app gives structure in daily routines, but in the end it’s not merely about routines, it’s more about shining a light on their inner strengths and changing how they are perceived. We embrace the uniqueness of every individual and want to help form a society without stigma.

Since we started this journey, so many individuals in our community have reached out to us with the request to build a more adult-friendly version. Some of our users have grown out of Brili but are looking for something similar – suiting their needs as adults and with a "grown up" look and feel.

The number of adults suffering from mental health challenges is huge – many experience shame, frustration, self-doubt, and remain undiagnosed until later into adult-hood. The pandemic has been an enormous struggle for so many because the structure and routines they built for themselves to get through the day completely changed during lockdown, homeschooling and remote work.

Most of our team is working as volunteers next to our day-to-day jobs. Nevertheless, we‘ve been using our limited capacities to build a further version of Brili – all grown up! But we need additional funding to make the app launch happen. We’re about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise awareness and funds to help finish building our new app specifically tailored to the needs of adults.

Here’s the thing: Would you like to become a part of our journey? You can really support us in so many ways!

  1. Share the campaign to your network.
  2. Become a backer and benefit from early bird deals.
  3. Donate any amount to help reach our goal and support the community.

So, if you can get on board, let’s shine a light together!

Your Brili Team