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Brili "Basic" to "Extra" Upgrade

Upgrade Your Plan

Please note: the free app download on its own is not eligible for an upgrade. If you previously purchased a Brili plan and you want to upgrade to Brili Extra, you can do so here. All prices in US dollars.

Brili "Basic" to "Extra" Upgrade


Brili "Basic" to "Extra" Upgrade


For customers who purchased the Brili "Basic" plan when it was NOT free and want to upgrade to Brili "Extra".

Important Notes:

  1. The free app download on its own does not qualify for an upgrade. If you have not previously paid for the app or a subscription, please upgrade at in the Parent Mode settings are.
  2. Due to time zone differences and other factors (like sleep) it may take up to 24 hours to verify your eligibility and activate your upgrade after purchase. Thanks for your patience.
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For customers who already have the Brili Basic plan, you can purchase this and we'll upgrade your account after verifying your eligibility.  Please be sure to select the correct option based on your purchase date.