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Brili is an app and a platform that helps kids with behaviour challenges succeed at daily routines by making them fun.


Voici ce que les enfants et les parents disent à propos de Brili.


I want to let you know that Brili has been a game-changer for our family. We & our 2 boys (7 & 9) all have different flavors of ADHD or other executive function issues, and it has helped us all function much more effectively & with less frantic conflict. Thank you for developing it!

I'm a clinical social worker in North Idaho & have been recommending Brili to clients for a couple of years now.

Si - Idaho, USA

Brili has truly helped our morning routine for my family. It's less stressful on all of us. My son doesn't need constant reminders to get ready for school.

Camellia - North Carolina, USA

I don’t know how I lived without this app.

Lissy, Marietta, GA

I have to tell you that Brili has been a life-changer for my daughter!!! She uses it religiously before bed and in the morning and is absolutely loving it –  I think she could be your poster child!

Dana Sahian, Speech Language Pathologist, Founder and Clinical Director, SLP4ALL, Toronto, ON

I absolutely NEVER write reviews because I think most reviews are usually done by people who are the "type" to write reviews and are therefore either wildly over enthusiastic or terribly damning however I can't wait to write a review of Brili because it's changed our lives. I now fall into the camp of wildly enthusiastic because I can't believe what a difference it has made for us in the morning. There are no more tears and arguments. My son is thrilled to be getting points for playing video games and I am thrilled that he is waiting for me now instead of the other way around. Just have to implement a routine at night and I will be the calmest mom around.

I had tried charts and rewards systems before all to no avail so I was extremely skeptical Brili would work but it did better than I could have hoped for.

Jessica, Middletown, NY

Thank you thank you thank you for developing Brili!! My house, my son and my life are so wonderfully changed! No more arguments, no more tears, as my son has no one to fight with!! He knows what he needs to do, in the order he needs to do them, how long he has, and HOW LONG HE CAN PLAY!! I love this app so much, I’ve highly recommended it to our ADHD doctor!

Stacey, Leesburg, VA

Just so you know, this App has changed our lives. My son is finally able to get himself ready for school by himself. I never have to yell anymore. He is proud of himself. It has helped his self-esteem!! He loves gadgets, so this has been amazing for us!! Thank you for inventing it!!

Natalie, Houston, TX

I did my homework before deciding to purchase Brili.  The price seemed high for an app, but only because I wasn’t sure it would work for us.  We’ve only been using it since late last week, and knowing what I know now, I would have paid MORE if you asked me to.  Before Brili, NOTHING worked for us!  Mornings were complete chaos.  We have a daughter who is gifted intellectually, but struggles greatly with ADHD.  I’m sure you know the type:  she will probably grow up to solve the world’s energy crisis, but can’t put her shoes on the right feet to save her life!  We have tried EVERYTHING and this has been like a MIRACLE FROM HEAVEN!  There is something about the visual timer that is SO helpful for her.  It keeps her focused on what she needs to do without us feeling like we have to micromanage her every move.  The first morning, she was ready to go to school 22 minutes before we needed to leave.  In her almost 10 years of life, she has NEVER been ready to leave on time. 
I am a software trainer and security admin by day and I really appreciate the app’s easy-to-use interface.  Yes, you do have to spend a bit setting things up and putting some thought into the routines you wish to establish, but it was VERY easy to do from a technical standpoint.  I can tell you have been very thoughtful and intentional about the app’s design and features and as a customer, I deeply appreciate that!  Keep up the great work Brili people! This is a game-changer for this family and I appreciate you more than you will ever know!
Amy, Waco, TX

We are loving it! It has changed our mornings from a stressful hour of us yelling to a well run machine.

Christine, Edmonton, AB

Thank you so much for this App! Our evenings and mornings have been amazing the last two days. I am no longer the mommy drill instructor and my son loves to do his routines. So much in fact he wanted to get ready for bed at 4:30 one evening!

Joni, Plainfield, IL

Your app is saving our lives.  We've started using it with our 12-year old son this week, after years of frustation using all kinds of techniques.  The use of a segmented routine is just amazing.  The stress has dropped completely.
Wish I'd known about your app sooner.

Catherine, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC

We started using it yesterday and my sweet 8 year-old son was so empowered! With regard to his morning and evening routines, he said, "I didn't know I could do this. Thank you so much for finding this Mom. I don't know how I can ever thank you enough." 
I was almost in tears at his success and feeling of mastery. 
Our morning and evenings were so peaceful! 
We look forward to using the app more and to its benefits for our son and our family! 

M.A., Houston, TX, USA

I highly recommend Brili to anyone with a child who struggles with getting ready in the morning (or completing other routines). Brili is very well thought out and very effective. Brili worked so well that my son with ADHD has “graduated” from it and no longer needs it to get himself ready in the morning. My son (age 11) took to the app right away, and I let him both manage the routines (playing the role of the “parent”) and use the app (playing the role of the “child). Within a few days, morning went from stressful struggles to “normal.” After using it every morning for about half a year as part of his regular morning routine, the patterns that the app helped establish finally became second nature to him, and he now does great getting himself ready without needing his iPhone to prompt him through the steps. I consider this to be the best possible outcome and a strong testament to the value of Brili.

David, Palo Alto, CA, USA

As a psychologist and a mom, I want to tell you that your app is awesome! We just started using it for the morning routine, and I can already see a huge difference in how we are able to complete the morning routine with less stress and more smiles. We've had such success, in just a few days, that I have already set up evening routines and bedtime routines too. Not only am I a fan, but so is my entire family! Thank you for creating Brili. I will be recommending Brili to my friends and patients alike.

Dr. Netta Shaked


We have used Brili for our daughter who has severe ADHD and NO time management for two days now.  It has been a scream-free, frustration-free, and productive couple of days. My daughter had 20 minutes of free time last night and got ready for school in 11 minutes (versus 1 hr and 1/2 before) this morning.  My husband said, "This is magic!" 

Thank you!

Corie and Mark, San Diego, CA

We actually just started using it at the start of the school year and were very surprised at how well it worked.  Instead of us nagging endless to bring our daughter on task, the app hyper focused her on task completion in the mornings for both the stars and unexpectedly trying to beat the clock to have extra iPad time before school in the morning.  She said she loves it and is planning on what to do with her stars earned.

Jenny, Mississauga, ON

I really like the app.  When my son first started using it, the change in our morning was great.  The stress levels decreased significantly - he was able to do everything on his own.

Janet, Newmarket, ON

This program continues to get better and better features that are helping my 8 year olds triplets not only get their morning routine of getting ready so we can get out the door on time, but also help the kids have tailored lessons so we meet their sensory diet before heading out of the door regulated.


Suzi and Mark, Denver, CO

It had been 4 years since we could eat breakfast as a family.  Day 1 with Brili changed all that!  I never knew how much stress I carried to work each day until it was lifted.

We had to physically dress our son to keep him on task, now he is excited to pick his own clothes and dress himself.

This program reaches far beyond the child with organizational & focus issues.  Little brother is no longer punched or kicked in frustration, the educational assistant meets a happy child that is proud to tell her he did all his jobs on time, mom & dad go to work stress free.  Everyone's day is set up for success.

Randy, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN

We love this program […]. It helped me survive mornings with my child and ended the nagging and eventual yelling. He loves being successful in the mornings, thank you for letting us test this program.

Laura, Tulsa, OK, USA


Let me start by saying that my husband and I love Brili! It is a brilliant app that has helped transform our morning and afternoon routines in the best possible way. We never could have imagined that an app would have such an impact!

Tracey, mom of two kids, aged 7 and 9, Chicago, IL, USA

[My daughter] is absolutely beaming. Routines that used to take over an hour and require close supervision are knocked over in under 40mins with a smile. She feels empowered. Our relationship is so much more co-operative.

Nina, Sydney, NSW, AUS

Our house has been so quiet and orderly in the mornings.  [My son] feels really good about himself, and when I do give him some needed critique outside of Brili, he seems more receptive, because it's not more ‘white noise’ from his nagging Mama. Telling everyone I know about this app, including my teacher friends and my friends with ADHD/autistic sons. This is THE THING I have been searching for.  It's already changing my life.

Heather, Manchester, NH, USA

I really like Brili. It makes me go faster and it’s fun.

Leo – age 10

I just wanted […] to let you know how successful our first few routines have been!  So far, Brili has been nothing short of brilliant!

Amanda – mom of Emmett, age 7

The house has never been so calm and relaxed in the morning!

Dana – mom of Jesse, age 7

So, Brili is making me look bad!!  Quinn was ready and out the door this morning before I was. [...] It was very nice for me to not have to be on top of him all the time - and I'm sure it was nice for him too.

Kristin – mom of Quinn, age 10

I'm really thankful for the program's help in changing Jude's attitude towards getting done on time.

Wendy – mom of Jude, age 9

Can you tell the guy who made this app that I really like it and it really works.  I bet he would like to hear that.

Austin, age 10

(We all did really like to hear that, Austin. Thank you.)