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Much More than an App

Brili is the most complete and effective system to help families make daily activities fun, on-time and stress-free.

Cross-Platform, multi-Device

One Brili account provides access from an unlimited number of devices using our free apps for iOS and Android, or using a browser on laptops or desktop computers.


Remote Access

Brili is cloud-based, so you can use your device to update your children's routines, activities and profiles, without having physical access your kids' devices. If you change something that affects a routine start time, your kids' signed-in devices will prompt them at the new start time without any further steps on your part.



Brili syncs everything in real-time so you can watch your kids' activities from your own device, right as they're happening! Kids can also display a single routine on multiple devices simultaneously for convenient access in different rooms - they'll all be up to date as soon as your child does anything.