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Brili is an app and a platform that helps kids with behaviour challenges succeed at daily routines by making them fun.



Routine Happiness for Parents and Children

Brili is the ultimate app to help families with children stay on task and on time every day.

Easy setup, guidance, rewards, voice prompts and real-time monitoring: it's got it all.

Visual and audible task prompts and timers

Visual and audible task prompts and timers


Real-time activity guidance for kids and monitoring for parents.

Visual, audible and even spoken voice prompts help kids stay on task.

Use Brili on all your family's devices with one account. View and advance routines from anywhere – they're always in sync.

Children thrive with routines. Brili makes it easy for parents to provide the structure and consistency their kids need, while staying closely involved in monitoring their activities.
— Dr. Stephen Scott, Director, National Academy for Parenting Research, London, UK

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