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Brili is an app and a platform that helps kids with behaviour challenges succeed at daily routines by making them fun.


If you think Brili is helpful for you or others, we'd appreciate it if you'd consider donating to support Brili's maintenance and development.


Quality software is expensive to build and maintain. Brili was built using life savings and thousands of hours of effort on the part of many other talented people whose time was worth much more than they were paid for.

Brili's revenue from the modest subscription fee for Brili Extra currently covered hosting expenses for the platform, our software tools, our customer support system and that's about it. Unfortunately, it hasn't been enough to constantly update our various interfaces to third party hosts and APIs as they improve their products and stop supporting older versions.

Brili Is More Than an App: It's A Platform

Being cloud-based brings unique benefits you can't get from standalone apps. Cloud software requires servers and maintenance so that everything keeps working for our users. When Google, Apple or other big players update and deprecate an API or web service we depend on, our product can break. Something as seemingly trivial as an update to the next version of iOS or Android can create a lot of development work.

Please help us keep Brili going by donating or and then download the free app here. Thanks for your consideration.


Pierre Séguin

Founder, Brili Inc.