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Brili is an app and a platform that helps kids with behaviour challenges succeed at daily routines by making them fun.

Home Organization Tips: A Better Morning Routine for School


Home Organization Tips: A Better Morning Routine for School

Rebecca Brown Wright

You may have created the perfect morning routine for school, but if your home isn't set up to support that routine, you'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off come morning -- every morning. 

Use these home organization tips for smoother mornings.


Designate certain areas in your kitchen for breakfast items on school days. If you're the prepping type, prepare several meals ahead of time that can easily be frozen (like English muffin sandwiches, frozen breakfast burritos, or smoothies) and keep them on one shelf in the freezer within easy reach of little hands.

In addition, keep breakfast fruits and cereals in one location, so it's easy for anybody to quickly grab all essential items for the most important meal of the day.


If you send packed lunches to school, follow your breakfast organization rule and keep lunch items -- like drinks, fruit cups, washed grapes, and more -- on one shelf in the refrigerator. Make a sandwich, and then grab the other items, and go! 

If your kids get school lunch, set an envelope by the door with the money they'll need for each week or month. Better yet, see if your school accepts electronic payments for lunch money. No more scrambling for dollars -- or worse, losing the money on the way to school.


Whether you have boys or girls, hair needs to get done each morning. Get an inexpensive caddy, and keep all hair ties, detangler, brushes, gel, and hair spray in its compartments. Keep the caddy in a bathroom, and then carry it to wherever you intend to do hair. (Just remember to put it back in the bathroom so it's easy to find the next morning!)


Never was there a more fierce battle cry than that of the child who was unhappy with your clothing choice. Take yourself out of the equation, and have your child put his clothes in a designated location every night before school. You can buy organizers for this specific purpose, or you can go the cheap way and have your child lay his clothes on the floor. 

Backpack Station

Your rush out the door doesn't have to involve mad dashes throughout the house searching for homework while you leave your child to put on shoes... only to return to find she can't find her second shoe. (Not that we've ever lived that reality...)

Create a backpack station by the door. Every night before bed, your child must check that shoes, backpack, homework (inSIDE the backpack), coat, hat, and gloves are tucked securely into Backpack Station. Then it's just a matter of standing calmly while you observe your child methodically putting on the finishing touches of the morning (OK... we know it won't ever be that simple and serene, but we can dream, right?).

Post the Schedule

Finally, don't forget that your children need to know what to do -- and in what order to do it. You can post a schedule in one place for your child to repeatedly reference, or you can hand your child the tablet, phone, or Pebble watch loaded with Brili to keep your kids on task without aimless wandering or nagging.  Even attach photos of each step above to the activities so you have a visual!

Brili helps kids maintain focus while rushing to beat the clock and get ready on time. Magic isn't a real thing, but if it was... it would look an awful lot like Brili.