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Brili is an app and a platform that helps kids with behaviour challenges succeed at daily routines by making them fun.

Ensuring Kids Spend Enough Time on Brushing Teeth... and Other Stuff


Ensuring Kids Spend Enough Time on Brushing Teeth... and Other Stuff

Pierre Séguin

How often has your child gone off to brush his teeth and you find him about 45 seconds later happily onto the next task?

"Wait a sec," you ask. "Did you really brush your teeth?"

"Well, yeah, daddy. Smell my breath."

Hm. Okay. Minty.

"Carry on," you mutter, pretty darned sure that sufficient oral hygiene has not taken place, but too tired to argue.

We've smelled the mint, fellow parents, and it's been on our minds.

You'll be happy to hear, then, that Brili's latest feature allows parents to set a minimum time on any activity.

We've added a handle to the minute slider so you can set a lower threshold that must be reached so that your child can advance the activity card in Kid Mode.

Tasks in the library and new custom tasks still default to not having any minimum time, but it's super easy to add a minimum if needed.

The next time your kiddo runs a routine, activities with a minimum time will look like this, with a new, blue, countdown indicator bar that indicates the minimum time:

If the card is swiped before the minimum time has elapsed, it will bounce back and show a message reminding kids of the minimum.  Brili Extra subscribers will also hear the voice explain the time that must be spent.

When it's time, a new sound plays to alert all those within earshot and the voice says "Minimum time reached," too. The blue bar disappears from the now unlocked activity.

We've also updated Brili for Pebble to handle the minimum times. If you're using the minimum time feature in the iOS, Android or Web app alongside Brili for Pebble, make sure to update everything to the latest and greatest to make sure your routines stay in sync.

Before the minimum time is met.

Before the minimum time is met.

After the minimum time is met.

After the minimum time is met.

Now you're all set to use Brili for activities that sometimes get done with just a bit too much expediency, like music practice, homework and for some kids, outside play.

While we've yet to make the minty-breath test completely obsolete, you can rest assured that the brushing of teeth is not getting neglected on account of earning more play time.

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