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Learning independence and trust

  • Game-based timeline allows for fun and fast learning
  • Kids stay motivated and on track
  • Kids see and understand the passage of time without the need to read
  • Reassuring repetition and success

Interactive Reward System

  • Kids can see and control how much time they earn for preferred activities
  • Kids earn point-based rewards

Predictable Transitions

  • Kids anticipate upcoming task transitions
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Building Positive Behaviour

  • Helps build independence, control, confidence and competence
  • Kids get the chance to succeed and please their parents
  • Helps kids with attention challenges to focus on task completion
  • Develops good habits through practice and sequencing

Special Needs Support

  • Brili works for every child, though it can be particularly beneficial for kids with special needs:
    • Learning and behavior differences
    • ADHD / ADD
    • Autism / ASD / Aspberger's



  • Real-time feedback highlights immediate results
  • Tracks rewards that parents and kids agree to


  • Relieves parents of the need to constantly remind kids
  • Reduces parent-kid conflicts by limiting negative interactions
  • Family members are less stressed and communicate more positively
  • Helps reduce overall anger and frustration


  • Intuitive routine input and progress monitoring


  • Helps parents stay consistent in following their kids' routines
  • Assists with planning kids' routines to ensure success